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Welcome to Vilas' homes of Vila Victoria 1,2,&3, / Luxury Vila 1 & 2 and Vila Monte

Every special need gets an answer!

At Villa Victoria and Luxury Vila we treat individuals aging 18 to 59 years old with professional care services fit for their mental issues and developmental disabilities. Having the experience and authority to administer treatment programs and mental health therapy, we provide the service to our clients - hoping to help them manage their lives better.

Patients who show promise and recover are recommended to rejoin their families and communities while those with more demanding cases continue their treatment with us. We are hopeful that we can help our clients or at the very least, give them avenues to express themselves, become more confident and celebrate their individuality despite their conditions.

We understand the trials the family members have to go through. Our management maintains constant communication with them and also offers support programs that alleviate their situations. All aspects of our services are directed towards adaptability of clients and family members to the mental issues and developmental deficiencies they experience.

Modern healthcare methods enable more care options for individuals and families today. At Villa Victoria and Luxury Vila, we take full advantage of that by providing excellent care, therapy services and treatment to clients who share the homes we have built through the years.

Villa Monte
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Vila Victoria Inc (adults ages 18-59 years old )

64/68 South 10th street San Jose Ca. 95112
( 32 beds) All Males
Tel: 408-293-8166
FAX: (408) 947-1923
licensed #435202471

393 E. San Fernando street San Jose Ca. 95112
( 23 beds ) COED
Tel: 408-271-9244
FAX: (408) 947-1923
licensed #435202473

144 North 5th, street San Jose Ca. 95112
( 42 beds ) All Males
Tel: 408-293-4275
FAX: (408) 947-1923
licensed #435202500

Luxury Vila Inc. (adults ages 18-59 years old)

7/41 South 11th street San Jose Ca. 95112
( 39 beds ) COED ages 18-59 years old
Tel: 408-286-8900
FAX: (408) 947-1923
licensed #435202472

51 Lewis Road San Jose Ca. 95112
( 30 beds ) co-ed
Tel: 408-992-5609
FAX: (408) 947-1923
licensed #435202470

Vila Monte Inc. (older adults ages 60++ years old)

17090 Peak Ave Morgan Hill Ca. 95037 (28 beds)
(Soon to be 99-beds in process) COED
Tel: 408-500-2693
FAX: (408) 776-0390
licensed #435202509